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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Jul 29, 2019

S4E67 - The Big North


LB Kourt Williams joins the #OhioState 2020 class

#OhioState is poised bring in two big time RBs… right?

Are Bijian Robinson and Jaylan Knighton done with OSU?

Renaming the #B1G

Is the #B1G West getting better every year?

Is it Nebraska vs the field in the West division?

Row the boat?

Jun 17, 2019



S4E62 - Remember The Titans


Not so happy valley, and we aren’t lion

#OhioState flips a slob from Penn State

How does Grant Toutant fit in at #OhioState?

#Buckeyes offer a 2022 QB

Big recruiting weekend!

Kyle, bad at geography

What offensive player could help the defense?

What defensive player...

May 16, 2016

Ole Miss & Laremy Tunsil… Freeze to testify, texts are confirmed

Buckeye Grove a makeover… JT & Co get dirty

We pick some super early betting lines… #OhioState the underdog?

Are the #Buckeyes out of scholarships… how the SEC signs big every year

We go #CrewCast at the end of the show… Should #CrewSC have...

Aug 24, 2015


Episode 3! Visit us: , @SloopCast ,


We say good bye to Beau Bishop... Jared gushes a bit


We say we won't talk about Joey Bosa... then talk about Joey Bosa


Skype has technical issues, we move to Google Hangouts mid-episode after a couple disconnects, forget to re-level the...