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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Jun 7, 2020

S5E63 - Sloop On The Scoop


We have joined the Buckeye Scoop

Two recruits seem far more likely to sign than the rest.

We’re feeling better about Tywone Malone

JC Latham might be down to #OhioState and Bama.

Has Covid19 hurt The #Buckeyes chances with Latham?

What if Latham goes to Bama?

Wolfe, Davies, Burton...

Jun 1, 2020

Seth Towns detained in peaceful protest.
Denzel Burke and a classic #SloopCast situation.
Coombs is blurring the line between CB and SAF.
Reducing our top 10 to a top 6.
We choose to not speak on Jar Jar Binks at this time.
Dead period extension; does it affect OSU’s top targets?
Is Wolfe most likely to be...

May 25, 2020

S5E61 - Dry Goods, Cold Beers

A return to independence.
Burke to #OhioState? (spoiler: yes)
Changes to the crystal ball
Why are Tuimoloau and Latham sliding down our list?
How does Burke to #OhioState effect Jaylin Davies
Should the SloopCast top10 still be a top 10?
Is #OhioState still an option for Christian...

May 18, 2020

Emeka Egbuka’s surprising top four.
What is stopping Emeka Egbuka from committing?
90% Sparty Spartan, 10% Cheshire Cat.
Jaylin Davies also drops a top 4.
Uniforms and recruiting
The 247 Composite updates, #OhioState profits
#OhioState is now at four 5-star commits
Big jumps for Jackson, Adeleye, Hall and...

May 11, 2020

#OhioState goes down under
Is #OhioState's game vs Oregon in jeopardy?
Could the game vs the Ducks be played in Columbus?
Jimmy Harbs wants to fix football
Would one-and-done work in college football?
Should undrafted players be allowed to return to CFB? that even possible?
NCAA-registered agents for CFB...