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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Nov 29, 2019

S5E30 - HATE


Is TTUN’s defense better at variation?

Fields and potential injury concerns

Ryan Day and THE rivalry

Auburn looking for the upset?

Bucky vs Goldie… Who should #OhioState fans cheer for?

Looking at TTUN’s schedule

...have they really turned things around?

Will this contest be defined by the redzone

Nov 25, 2019

S5E29 - The M Word


Rule 2: Everyone stinks

Was #OhioState tremendous or terrible?

Yes, Chase Young. But Pete Werner, though…

Turnovers are part of the game

Those Penn State QBs

To have that sort of game and still win

Here’s your adversity

Typical Day for Fields… in the air.

Should #OhioState pass more?

Did Day...

Nov 22, 2019

S5E28 - Ready Up


Show up loud and “ready”

How does Penn State matchup, talentwise?

Is Minnesota win-and-in?

Still trying to figure out Tx A&M and Indiana

Programs on the line… Tx vs Baylor

Does Oklahoma have a clear path into the playoff?

What the hell is a Nittany?

Penn State has big game issues on the road

Nov 18, 2019

S5E27 - Off The Gas


How great is this team?

Outside of the points allowed, this is was a great game

Goalline stuffage… who is to blame?

Going through the motions

The running back stable

Don’t let the score fool you, the defense played well

Talk about Chris Olave

The Pittsburgh, Iowa Hawkeyes

Harbaugh is fine....

Nov 15, 2019

S5E26 - Fake, Fake. Fake Fake Fake

Peak professionalism
Importance and impact of Jonah Jackson
Execution vs result
Bama vs Minn… #OSU vs LSU… eye test vs resume
Is there a window for two SEC or B1G teams to make the playoff?
Sloopicks gone wild
Is Indiana fake or overlooked?
Can Auburn drag Georgia...