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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Oct 28, 2019

S5E21 - Duces


Well, That was fun.

#OhioState dominates, again. But how dominate?

JK Dobbins outshine Taylor

Give some credit to Wisconsin

Chase Young is… I mean just wow

Every year, the best defensive line ever

And #OhioState is deep too.

The defensive leap that #OhioState has taken…

Chase Young chasing...

Oct 25, 2019

Jared might be the worst

#OhioState's biggest challenge?

Taylor can be stopped, but it doesn’t end there

Who is Jack Coan?

Winning on third downs

Can MSU score against PSU?

Wait, Michigan is favored?

Name! That! Mascot!

What the hell happened with Illinois?

Jonathan Taylor… best in the country?

But those Wisky...

Oct 21, 2019

S5E19 - Eat It, Fate


No Iowa. No Purdue. Let’s move on.

Second Quarter magic

Northwestern, MSU, Cincy… these are good Ds.

150 rushing yards for NU. A concern for #OhioState?

NU’s passing game on the other hand…

Another day for Fields. 

Blake Haubeil 55yd FG, and why it was more than that.

It all starts, and...

Oct 17, 2019

S5E18 - Gotta Get Down On Friday


The same Northwestern defense?

Limiting big plays

Open face complement sandwiches

Don’t get caught looking forward, just ask Georgia

Big names, big numbers in this week’s #Sloopicks

Is having the best defense in the B12 impressive?

Don’t bet against Joey B

How daunting in the PSU...

Oct 14, 2019

S5E17 - Chaos Taketh


Could the #B1G get two teams in the playoff?

Impromptu #B1G review


Iowa uniforms and KMart

Using Michigan State to compare OSU and Wisky

Bama rolls, LSU impresses, Georgia falls

Joey Burrow is a dad-friendly Baker Mayfield

LSU might be better than Bama but…

Does Oklahoma have a...