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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Aug 30, 2019



S5E4 - Day One


Ryan Day… already shaking stuff up

Is Fields ready… can #OhioState keep him healthy?

Day says no changes to tradition. Maybe change one?

We now know the starting OLine

Just how good is Justin Fields?

The return of the #SlooPicks!

Cinci and Utah open things up

Jared likes...

Aug 26, 2019

S5E3 - Year For What?


Who is most likely to win the Heisman?

Who will be B1G Player of the year?

Which Buckeye is most likely to be B1G Freshman of the Year?

Who will get a tree in Buckeye Grove?

Team MVP?

What vetern will take #BuckeyeNation by surprise?

Who can #OhioState least afford to lose?

Who will score the...

Aug 12, 2019



S5E2 - Carpe


Because that's how calendars work

Is Ryan Day calling out Justin Fields?

But who is throwing all these interceptions?

Haskins… The Outlier

The battle for RT

Experience V Potential

Munford on “volume control”

What does Browning’s move to MLB really mean?

Waiting on Demario

Aug 5, 2019

S5E1 - New Beginnings 


#OhioState recruiting suffers a setback, not a crisis

Why Robinson & Knighton’s commitments aren’t likely final

Who do The #Buckeyes target at RB now?

Do the #Buckeyes look in state for their next RB?

Will #OhioState still pursue two RBs in 2020?

Men in black, Jimmy Harbs, and more MSU hate