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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Feb 25, 2019

S4E47 - Backers


Basketball Bucks win one over the Wildcats.

#OhioState loses talent they can’t afford

We still don’t give a damn for the whole State of Michigan

Scoring issues continue even as turnovers improve

#OhioState falls to Maryland, but that's OK

The worst mistake the basketball team made was…


Feb 18, 2019

S4E46 - A Podcast About Nothing


Basketball #Buckeyes continue to struggle

Same old story of turnovers and cold streaks

This is just who this basketball team is.

Is it time to focus on next year for Holtman and co?

#OhioState makes the cut for 2020 top WRs… 4 of them.

How special is Julian Fleming?

Can #OhioState...

Feb 11, 2019

The end of football… or is it?

Justin Fields joins the battle

#OhioState adds two new OLinemen for 2019

#OhioState closes 3rd (or 14th) in the 2019 recruiting rankings

Hey Georgia, y’all cheatin’?

#OhioState locks down the top Ohio player for 2021

Gene Smith steps down from CFP Committee, but why?

Trolling or...

Feb 4, 2019



S4E44 - National Signing Day Special


#OhioState hopes to add a few linemen this week.

Will Doug Nester stick with The #Buckeyes?

The 2020 class is already off to a great start

Cincinnati is key in 2020

#OhioState already has 2020’s best OT & OC

Scottsdale pipeline?

Can the #Buckeyes lock up...