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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Dec 30, 2019

S5E39 - Ohio State Isn’t Going Away


Feeling the feels

Lawrence and the machine

JK all day every day

No one play

Good guy Chris Olave

Ok, fine, let's talk about the refs

Fields still isn’t right

Red zone, red zone, red zone

The punt block that wasn’t

Eventually the clock runs out

It just kind of sucks


Dec 26, 2019

S5E38 - Winter Is Coming


Best semifinal ever?

#OhioState Will Win, Change My Mind

Pick #OhioState big, or go home

Running through the stats

How playing top15 teams affect stats

Clemson hasn’t played anyone… but seriously

But what about Texas A&M?

Clemson: before and after UNC

I might be a homer but…


Dec 23, 2019

S5E37 - Bowl Game & Basketball


SloopCast holiday schedule

Parental wi-fi… am I right?

Updates on the confidence pool

Could the post season SlooPicks be settled in the Hawaii Bowl?

Jared & Kyle… all in on Wake

Kyle has an Iowa strategy and he’s sticking to it

Notre Dame should win… right?

Kyle hates America

Dec 20, 2019

S5E36 - Early Signing Period


Maryland with the gigantic flip

Clemson, Bama, Ohio State lead rankings

#OhioState lands two top tier QBs 

California exodus

The curious case of Clark Phillips

Keeping an eye on Cameron Martinez

Which new QB is more “exciting”

Who in this recruiting class can see early playing time?


Dec 16, 2019

S5E35 - Recruiting Roundup


Joey B Heisman

Early signing is bad, even if it favors #OhioState

Hafley out… who will Day hire to replace?

Hafley out… Will it affect the 2020 recruiting class?

This WR class… wow...

Replacing mass departures at OLine, DB & WR.

Any concern about not getting a big name DE?

Jack Miller,...