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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Jul 30, 2018

S3E71 – B1G Expectations


Zach Smith out, Brian Hartline in

Why the removal of Zach Smith is right and necessary

B1G expectations for Dwayne Haskins

Rule 1: The Doctor Lies

Borland is Tuf, will be ready for the fall

Urban plays “Two Truths & a Lie”

How does the B1G & B1G East compare nationally?

How will Urban...

Jul 23, 2018


7071 Crossover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7071 reviews New Bomb Turks' 1993 album !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!

New Bomb Turks Official Site:
New Bomb Turks Store:
New Bomb Turks on Facebook:
New Bomb Turks on Twitter:

Jul 16, 2018

S3E69 – Big Man Rich


Almost through the wasteland, you guy… NICE!

How many 2019 targets will commit in the next 30 days?

Two new recruits pledge themselves to the #Buckeyes

Steel Chambers & Harry Miller receive a NICE ratings bump

247Sports isn’t so NICE to a popular #OhioState target

We dust off this...

Jul 9, 2018

7071 reviews MotherFolk's 2014 self-titled album

Jul 2, 2018



S3E67 – Early Fireworks


#OhioState sets off some major booms, and it’s not even July 4th yet

Wednesdays… am I right guys?

We might suck, but we learn from our mistakes

Dwan Mathis is the man

#OhioState taps one of their favorite pipelines for this 2019 DB

The importance of the Paris...