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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Nov 30, 2017

S3E32 – Sprinkles


Schiano vs Tennessee

JTB and #CameraGate updates

We speculate on Joey Burrow’s future

Why some #OhioState fans think the Bama-fix is in

If #OhioState can get in, here’s how

Bama vs #OhioState vs TCU vs Miami vs USC… FIGHT

Can TCU upset Oklahoma?

Wisconsin’s stats are freaking...

Nov 27, 2017



S3E32 - BBQ Wolverine


Another rough start for #OhioState to overcome

We try to make sense of #CameraGate

Not in your lifetime, Michigan fans

With most of the game stats a draw, what was the difference?

#OhioState stifles the Michigan running game… or did they?

How #OhioState MUST change if...

Nov 23, 2017

S3E30 - #BeatTTUN Part 2


This it, this is THE GAME.

Chip Kelly to Florida?

#OhioState’s playoff chances and the help they need

Kyle makes the case for a Bama upset.

Michigan’s big game struggles since firing Carr.

Who will play QB for TTUN… does it matter?

Michigan’s biggest strength and how to beat...

Nov 20, 2017

S3E29 - #BeatTTUN Part 1


How does one pronounce TTUN?

With The #B1G East settled, does THE Game lose a little something?

#OhioState wins 38-0…. Or something like that

Analyzing all of the #OhioState QBs

Tyquan Lewis, Billy Price, JTB, and the seniors get a sendoff

Which senior will #OhioState miss the most?


Nov 16, 2017

S3E28 – I Like Turtles


Is the B1G the most turtle-centric conference?

Who will start, and get the most reps, at LB?

The seniors’ last game in #TheShoe

Will any redshirt JR’s walk as seniors on Sunday?

The Wolves go albino… what’s your alternate jersey?

Can Michigan score against Wisconsin?

Is Minnesota’s...