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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Oct 30, 2017

It’s a celebration

Anticipation vs Reality

First off, give credit to Slobs up front

An open apology to JTB

The continually disappointing special teams

The “Save us JTB” offense is dead… or reborn?

JTB’s fumble and how it saved the game

By policy, we don’t complain about refereeing, but…

Denzel Ward flips...

Oct 26, 2017

S3E22 – Unleash The Wolves


Updates from the Urban presser

We discuss the alternate #Buckeye kits

The predictable news cycle of alternate uniforms

Reevaluating OKST, ND, and OU

Sleepwalking in Clemson

…but can we do it against Penn State?

How many resources can #OhioState devote to Barkley?

Who’s PSU’s scariest...

Oct 23, 2017




S3E21 – Noncompetitive


We review a lackluster weekend of football

Thought on the alternate #OhioState helmet

Recruiting updates; are things trending downward?

Is Emory-Jones-to-Bama a real concern?

What happened to the DE class of 2018?

Can Miami finish the reg. season undefeated?


Oct 19, 2017

S3E20 – Don’t Lose Twice


Might #OhioState flip a top tier Tackle?

How bad would Week8 OSU beat Week2 OSU?

Does the bye week help or hurt #OhioState?

Michigan VS PSU… who will win, who to cheer for?

Will/Has Urban given control of the offense to Wilson?

Is it fair to assume Oregon will ever be “back”?


Oct 15, 2017

S3E19 – Elite Efficiency


JTB, elite efficiency, you literally can’t ask for more


Getting a little better each week

KJ Hill steps up big

Injury updates for Holmes, JKD, Weber, Jones, Campbell

#OhioState has an intermediate passing game… look out

Anticipation, timing, ball placement & confidence