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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Dec 28, 2016

102– Praise Woody Hayes


We’re BACK!!!!!

No shakes in the depth chart… should there have been?

Former Buckeyes running with scout team

Clemson Safety throwing shade at JTB

A Husky upset… what will it take?

New Years is amateur’s night… stay home, watch Football

2016… Good Riddance

#OhioState V #Clemson…...

Dec 19, 2016

101– Bowl Preview Special


Tate Martell wins elite honors

Historical recruiting class in the works

Will Torrance Gibson ever again play for the #Buckeyes?

Bowl games are all about motivation

Is Minnesota all in?


Why the #B1G is out matched in so many bowls

Can OKState pass on...

Dec 12, 2016

100 – The Fickell Legacy


EPISODE 100!!!!

We celebrate Luke Fickell’s #OhioState legacy

Ohio State Linebackers under Fickell

Why Fickell is better than 2011

Could Fickell get a 2nd shot at the Ohio State job?

Has the Ohio recruiting landscape changed?

Kerry Coombs to Cinci… or not?

Schiano & Warinner also up for...

Dec 5, 2016

99-Just In Baby


#OhioState is in

Buckeyes break the #CFPlayoff mold

Think #OhioState doesn’t belong… I have no time for you

It is not the playoff committee’s job to give you a sense of control

New rules for making the playoff

If PSU had beat Pitt, they’d be in

How falling to #3 is actually an advantage


Dec 1, 2016

Could PSU pass #OhioState?

#OhioState has the best resume, period

Can Colorado work their way in?

HOW important are conferences championships?

A case against divisions

Bama & #OhioState are already made

Clemson is 100% in… or out

Does Washington control their destiny?

Chaos scenarios

The Big12 it out… right?