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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Aug 12, 2019



S5E2 - Carpe


Because that's how calendars work

Is Ryan Day calling out Justin Fields?

But who is throwing all these interceptions?

Haskins… The Outlier

The battle for RT

Experience V Potential

Munford on “volume control”

What does Browning’s move to MLB really mean?

Waiting on Demario

Aug 5, 2019

S5E1 - New Beginnings 


#OhioState recruiting suffers a setback, not a crisis

Why Robinson & Knighton’s commitments aren’t likely final

Who do The #Buckeyes target at RB now?

Do the #Buckeyes look in state for their next RB?

Will #OhioState still pursue two RBs in 2020?

Men in black, Jimmy Harbs, and more MSU hate

Jul 29, 2019

S4E67 - The Big North


LB Kourt Williams joins the #OhioState 2020 class

#OhioState is poised bring in two big time RBs… right?

Are Bijian Robinson and Jaylan Knighton done with OSU?

Renaming the #B1G

Is the #B1G West getting better every year?

Is it Nebraska vs the field in the West division?

Row the boat?

Jul 22, 2019

S4E66 - The Atlantic & The Dixie


#OhioState signs another stud from Arizona

Who will fill out the rest of #OhioState’s 2020 class?

Can #OhioState take, and keep, the #1 overall class?

Quotes from Ryan Day B1G media days

What do we make of Tuf Borland and the LBs this season?

How do you replace a legend like Meyer if...

Jul 15, 2019

S4E65 - The Pacific & The Wild West


#OhioState continues to tap St Louis

Elite WR class for the #Buckeyes in 2020

Can the Pac12 place a playoff team this year?

Is the Pac12 a two team race?

The transfer QB is the new normal

Is anyone in the Pac12 South worth talking about?

Can anyone challenge OU for the Big12 crown?