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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Nov 28, 2016

Are you breathing yet?

Herman to Texas, but you knew that already

#SilverBullets to the rescue

Surprise, its Speight

JTB – 100% Heart & Fight

Did #OhioState’s depth take over?

#Buckeyes built for overtime

JTB got the 1st down… shut up

Peppers gets his int, doesn’t contribute to offense

Why this was Michigan’s best shot

Ohio State won & everyone was watching

We identify the turning point of THE game

The vicious field position cycle

The all-important turnover battle

How far does Michigan fall?

Is #OhioState in the playoff now?


#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

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