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The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

Nov 15, 2019

S5E26 - Fake, Fake. Fake Fake Fake

Peak professionalism
Importance and impact of Jonah Jackson
Execution vs result
Bama vs Minn… #OSU vs LSU… eye test vs resume
Is there a window for two SEC or B1G teams to make the playoff?
Sloopicks gone wild
Is Indiana fake or overlooked?
Can Auburn drag Georgia...

Nov 11, 2019


Precision clockwork

The day’s best pass came from a foot

What if #OhioState NEEDED Chug?

OK… let's talk about Chase Young

Be careful who you listen to, who you RT.

Oh ... the conspiracy theories

Does everyone support their transfers like #BuckeyeNation?

Beer is good

Would you trade a loss to Michigan for a...

Nov 8, 2019

S5E24 - Then & Now


The #Buckeyes are #1, and other playoff musings

Who is over and under ranked in the top10

The curious cases of Minnesota and Baylor

Why it's smart to help players transfer

Ryan Day supports playoff expansion

Winter is coming for Minnesota

Sparty is favored by how much?

Bama vs LSU… it’s hard to...

Nov 4, 2019

S5E23 - Take Some Time To Think


Week one of the playoff committee… we pick our 4

Should Clemson or PSU be in the top 4?

Food? Yeah… let's talk food.

Let's put the B1G coaches in a steel cage

Game Day vs Big Noon

Worst #Buckeye memory?

#Basketball expectations

Fine… weather talk

Grill year round… cowards


Nov 1, 2019

A moment of appreciation for Larry Johnson Sr

QBs… past and future

Here we go again… the defensive player for Heisman

The one constant of football in 150 years

More time for Garrett Wilson… by any means

“It has nothing to do with us”

Is Florida for real?

In what world is Illinois a 20pt favorite in a B1G...