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May 15, 2017

Episode 123 – Rumor, Smoke & Fire


A pair of corners exit #OhioState

So #OhioState is at 85 now… right?

In the end, will Haubeil need to grayshirt?

Could #OhioState have room for Jonathan Giles?

More player departures coming?

Early signing period: Help or hurt players?

Does early signing actually hurt #OhioState?

Will #OhioState add two linebackers this month?

#OhioState Basketball… this is fine

2015 recruiting busts

Good thing that Matta doesn’t play his bench…



Artist: Hell’s Fire Sinners              

Song: No Tomorrow

Album:  Revelations, 2017



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

May 8, 2017

Episode 122 – Draft Results


Draft predictions; hits & misses

Offense-heavy top10 slides some #Buckeyes

Were the #Bears drunk?

Is Carolina a good fit for Samuel?

Do I trade or do I go now?

Did the Browns get their QB?

Let’s talk about Gareon Coney

Are Watt & Peppers actually 1st rd players?

Who is best the TE in the draft?

Bengals are the Bengals; draft Mixon

Will McMillan out perform his draft position?

Should I be impressed by UM’s 11 picks?

Is #OhioState DBU? (Spoiler: yes)

Is Georgia the new king of HS football?

Could #OhioState land 2018’s top DE

Is Emory Jones truly committed? (Spoiler: yes)

Who will be #OhioState’s next 2018 commit?

Neutral site game suck, don’t @ me



Artist: Correy Parks

Song: Rollin

Album: The Road Less Traveled



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState



May 1, 2017

Episode 121 – Depth Chart Predictions


Haskins vs Burrow… fight!

Is McCall really staying at RB… like for sure?

Starting WRs? …pick 2

Is Marcus Baugh a starter, week 1?

The Right Guard, still up for grabs

Prince is, rightfully, your Right Tackle

Luxury problems at defensive end

Can Landers or Jones be effective at NT?

Can Hilliard or Browning work into the LB rotation?

How many reps will the true fresh CBs get?

Will Fuller start at Safety for #OhioState this year?

Kicker battle? Kicker battle!

Which freshmen will have the biggest 2017 impact?


Artist: John Patrick & The Outside Voices

Song: Old Habits

Album: Hound Dogs



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

Apr 24, 2017

Episode 120 – Draft Prev 2017


No news is good news

Is Leonard Fournette worthy of pick 2?

Is Mike Williams a top 5 talent?

Stop over-think, draft M.Hooker

Who picks Trubisky and when?

How many #Buckeyes go top10?

Where will/should Dalvin Cook be picked?

Eli, Brees & Big Ben getting old…

How many ‘Bama players will go Rd1?

Peppers to Pittsburgh?

How far will Mixon fall?

Curtis Samuel to the Raiders just feels right


Artist: Old Hundred

Song: Massachusetts

Album: Old Hundred; 2010



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState


Apr 17, 2017

Episode 119 – Dixon, Hilliard & Assoc


Is Johnnie Dixon a starter?

Are Dixon & Hilliard ready to take the next step?

Unwavering support for JTB

Better spring game, Burrow or Haskins?

Why the spring game matters

Spring game MVP?

Offense looks good; what does that mean for the Def?

Two #Top100 commits that no one saw coming

Can Clemson steal Ohio’s best?

Why it was so great to have Emory Jones in #TheShoe

With #OhioState at 7 commitments, how do they rank?

Can #OhioState round out it class with Ohio recruits?


Artist: Forest & The Evergreens

Song: Spaceghost

Album: Young Funk



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

Apr 10, 2017

Episode 118 – Spring Ready


OhioState lands one of nation’s best

Who might be the next big commitment?

How many DEs can OhioState play at once?

Who will be the backup QB come fall?

Who will break out at WR?

What’s up with Demetrius Knox?

We can’t stop talking about RG & H-Back

Is Parris Campbell the right guy at H-Back

Shake up in the DT depth chart?

Deeper group… DLine or Secondary?

Life after JTB




Artist: Sister Sara

Song: Just Show Me

Album: Just Show Me


#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState




Apr 3, 2017

Episode 117 – Thought Plopping


The battle for RB & H-Back, where’s McCall?

Injury updates: A pair of 5-Star LBs are dinged

How injuries have & will shape DT

Is Pridgeon out of the RG battle?

Can Burrell & Knox hold off the young guards?

Biggest surprise of the Spring Camp so far?

Why the Spring Game will take an attendance hit

Who’s the best RB in the draft?

Could Adams be picked in front of Hooker?

Is Lattimore actually better than Conley?

Is TJ Watt really a 1st round player?

Jared threatens to quit the NFL

Opinions, mock drafts & a—holes

Can #OhioState Women compete for it all?



Artist: The Werks

Song: Magic

Album: Magic


#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

Mar 27, 2017

Episode 116 – Untitled


Who will pull the trigger on Curtis Samuel?

Pro day:  What does Wilson’s NFL future hold?

Who will fans undeservedly scapegoat now?

Pridgeon or Knox at RG?

If not McCall at HBack, who?

Can Johnny Dixon be this year Lattimore?

Will Woodbey & Jones stay with #OhioState?

Can Penn State keep one of 2018’s best?

#OhioState Women fall short

Any chance Kelsey Mitchell returns?

What is #OhioState’s most dominate team?



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

Mar 20, 2017

Episode 115 – Manic Joy


Kyle Snyder continues his domination

#OhioState finishes 2nd at Nation Championships

Kyle runs hurdles & plays Zelda

Jared wants you to give country music another chance

Is playoff expansion inevitable?

Are we risking the manic joy of college football?

Why the BCS was great, even though it sucked

Why a 6 team playoff is better than 8

Does an 8 team playoff mean auto-qualifiers?

Auto- qualifiers will re-regionalize CFB

Why Football is better than Baseball

Why College Football is better than NFL



Artist: Lydia Loveless

Song: Same to You

Album: Real



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState


Mar 13, 2017

Episode 114 – Futures


#Buckeyes own the combine

Which #Buckeye improved their stock most?

Position battles & changes

Old faces, new roles at LB

What the RG battle tells us

BUY: Young, elite WRs & CBs

Urban says Wilson & Day will bring tempo

Offensive struggles were beyond play calling

What does Kevin Wilson mean for JTB’s future?

Further player departures from crowded OL group

#OhioState still one scholarship away from legal

Should #OhioState accept an NIT invite?

Gene Smith reaffirms confidence in Matta

NFL #Buckeyes on the move

Must see videos of Mayfield and more on the FB page

Wrestling, Track, & Zelda updates

Send us your Ohio music requests!



Band: MotherFolk

Songs: “Goldie Hawn” & “Control”


New Amazon link:



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

Mar 6, 2017

Episode 113 – Don’t Eat Your Nintendo


Curtis Samuel runs 2nd fastest 40 among offensive players

Why do we care so much about the 40?

Adidas… feeling stranded

You can, in fact, put a boat on a river

Noah Brown skips his 40… red flag?

Punters run 40s too

Jaelen Gill chooses #OhioState

How does Gill fit into #OhioState’s scheme?

Can Bama steal one of Dayton’s best?

Spring practice begins!

We do #OhioState fans obsess over check-in day?

Kyle achieves peak Kyle… talks Zelda

Kyle talks Nintendo… gets excited

Don’t eat your Nintendo

Send us your Ohio music requests!


New Amazon link:



Band: Starset

Song: Frequency

Album: Vessels


#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState


Feb 27, 2017

Episode 112 - Cheaters


Counting days until football happens

Which unit is the most compelling going into the spring?

Bigger 2017 impact; McCall, Victor or Mack?

Can #OhioState recover after losing both CBs?

Is returning talent a reason for optimism?  

Baker Mayfield can’t escape basic police work

The Bob Stoops myth

We do a quick preview of Week 2, because offseason

Cheatin’ ass Ole Miss getting theirs

Are more charges coming against Ole Miss?

All this cheating and nothing to show for it

Jameis Winston, a sexist… NO WAY?!?

Nick Mangold and Jets part ways after 13years

Do Wilson or Smith have NFL futures?

Terrell Pryor… True Buckeye



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

Feb 20, 2017

Episode 111 – Combine Preview


We preview #OhioState’s combine squad

Kyle, the son of Ohio

Changes coming to the targeting rule?

8 #Buckeyes invited to the NFL Combine

Michigan sends 14 players… still lost to #OSU

Peppers, still over hyped

Combine’s grading system… dumb

Can Noah Brown start right away?

Wait; is Lattimore really that much better than Conley?

Pre-combine mock drafts… also dumb

Why the hate on Raekwon?

Jared has a plan to takeover the NFL

Samuel will contribute right away

The 40yd dash is the worst thing in all of sport

Would you want to be drafted in Rd7?

Jared the hypocrite

Cheating, ass, Harbaugh

Dual-Threat band members




#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState





Feb 13, 2017

Episode 110 – Ohio Kids


#OhioState gets a 5* commit from Cali

Is Emory Jones the future of #OhioState?

Will Jones, Woodbey & Snead stay committed?

Is #OhioState’s recruiting success in Texas & Cali sustainable?

Will 2018’s class have more #Ohio kids?

Top priorities: Jackson Carman & Jaelen Gill

Is the Bishop Gorman pipeline still open?

Kyle makes Jared talk about basketball

BBall: #Buckeyes’ post season outlook

BBall: Where will #OhioState end up in the #B1G rankings?

BBall: Is their help coming or reason for hope?



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

Feb 6, 2017

Episode 109 - #NSD17 Recap


Elijah Gardiner chooses Ohio State, flips from MizzU

Thayer Munford joins the class

#OhioState misses on a pair of defensive tackles

Is USC back?

Wyatt Davis sticks with the Buckeyes, despite USC efforts

Could Josh Meyers or Wyatt Davis start in 2017?

Where are all the Ohio kids?

Why are Ohio players late to develop?

A quick peak at the 2018 class

Jackson Carman to Rutgers? …LOL

Kerry Coombs, Recruiter of the Year.

Did the OCs leave on their own?

…Rule 1: The Doctor lies

Can PJ Fleck make Minnesota of winner?

#OhioState, currently 5 over scholarship limit

Where can the freshmen help right away?



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

Jan 30, 2017

Episode 108 - #NSD2017 Preview


Why this year’s #NSD is a bit lackluster

Recruiting, deep in the heart of Texas

Half of #Select 17 is already on campus

Marvin Wilson won’t be a #Buckeye, not due to a lack of effort

Is Thayer Munford a secret commit?

Are Tufele & Ellison locked into Utah & Indiana?

Does #OhioState want another WR for this class?

Can the incoming freshman contribute right away?

Can a freshman crack the DB rotation?

A second year with a starting freshman #slob?

New look #Zone6?

No love for kickers, man

Can #OhioState land the #1 recruiting class still?

#OhioState Basketball… real real bad

#OhioState Basketball… no talent, no hope


#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

Jan 23, 2017

Episode 107 – It Could Be Worse


Stephen Collier ends football career

The ethics of roster management

Joe Borrow to stay & fight for QB

#OhioState’s scholarship crunch

Player transfers, not a matter “if”, but “how many”

What to position changes say about #Zone6?

Can #OhioState land another DTackle?

Will Munford or Ellison get an #OhioState offer?

Is the Basketball team getting better?

Is there reason to believe 2017-18 will be any better?

Why January is key for #OhioState BBall

What standard should we hold Basketball to?

Recruiting matters, no matter the sport

The Basketball team could be worse

ROY honors for Zeke & Bosa

Four #Buckeyes make NFL all-rookie team



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState



Jan 16, 2017

Episode 106 – Moving On


#OhioState coaches “move on”

We talk Basketball (and make asses of ourselves)

Torrance Gibson coming back to Ohio State

EGW joins #Zone6

With Lattimore departing, #OhioState gets JuCo help

Tyjon Lindsey finds a new home

Lindsey moves on… but why?

How does Jaylen Harris fit in at #OhioState?

Kyle wants to see a Duke… idk why

Samuel goes pro, who is the new H-Back?

#Zone6 revolution?

Who’s offense will we see in 2017?

Is the H-Back still in #OhioState’s game plan?

Marcus Baugh, #Winning at Twitter

Does Gene Smith going the CFPlayoff committee hurt #OhioState

Recruiters vs coaches… Can #OhioState recruit itself?



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState


Jan 9, 2017

105 – Departures


Should Noah Brown have gone to the NFL?

How Noah Brown is like Cardale Jones

Tyquan Lewis with a surprise announcement

No decision yet from Curtis Samuel

Does coming back benefit Lattimore?

A pair of linemen are leaving the program

Breaking news via Emoji

Will Torrance Gibson return to #OhioState?

Is #OhioState oversigning?

Is a transfer exodus looming?

#OhioState’s QB future

The Buckeyes win the #ArmyBowl

Is there a player development issue at WR?

Shuffling through all coaching moves

NCAA making a good change for once


#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

Jan 5, 2017

Beck out, Wilson & Day in

How Will Beck’s departure effect recruiting?

Tim Beck had to go

How Day & Wilson will fix the offense

Kevin Wilson comes with baggage

Confidence, Trust & Tempo

McMillan, Hooker & Conley going NFL

Why you must watch the Army All American

The season’s last #SlooPick

Why Clemson can upset Bama



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState


Jan 2, 2017

103 - #FireTimBeck


Who saw that coming?

2013, paralleled

Why Tim Beck should be fired

Why it’s hard to fire Tim Beck

Why they should happen anyway

Former #Buckeyes condemn the play calling

Is player development an issue?

Was anything done to fix the offense after PSU?

Who is to blame for the failures on the OLine?

Why, exactly, don’t the WRs get open?

Is 2016 a success?

How and who exactly calls the plays?

Any chance that Hooker, Conley or McMillan stay?

Where does Curtis Samuel play, next level?

Does JTB stay at #OhioState?

…If he does, is he guaranteed to start?

Offense is bad & Urban deserves blame too



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

Dec 28, 2016

102– Praise Woody Hayes


We’re BACK!!!!!

No shakes in the depth chart… should there have been?

Former Buckeyes running with scout team

Clemson Safety throwing shade at JTB

A Husky upset… what will it take?

New Years is amateur’s night… stay home, watch Football

2016… Good Riddance

#OhioState V #Clemson… how do you feel?

Can #OhioState keep the #Clemson pass rush at bay?

How the 2013 loss setup the 2014 Championship

Deshaun Watson, the two-sided sword

Urban > Dabo

#BuckeyeNation annexes Phoenix

#Clemson’s Defense is tough, but vulnerable

Who can better pressure the QB?

F-E-E-D Curtis Samuel

#OhioState must defeat Watson & Watkins



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState



Dec 19, 2016

101– Bowl Preview Special


Tate Martell wins elite honors

Historical recruiting class in the works

Will Torrance Gibson ever again play for the #Buckeyes?

Bowl games are all about motivation

Is Minnesota all in?


Why the #B1G is out matched in so many bowls

Can OKState pass on Colorado?

Stanford to run wild

Who still cares more… Tennessee or Nebraska?

Maryland… nah… who cares

2016’s most disappointing team is…

Jim Harbaugh… first of his name

Can Lamar Jackson win ANOTHER game by himself?

Who is Iowa?

Wisconsin vs W.Michigan; Talent vs Motivation

Has Oklahoma actually improved?

Is the entire Big12 void?

Why you should feel good about #OhioState vs Clemson




#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState



Dec 12, 2016

100 – The Fickell Legacy


EPISODE 100!!!!

We celebrate Luke Fickell’s #OhioState legacy

Ohio State Linebackers under Fickell

Why Fickell is better than 2011

Could Fickell get a 2nd shot at the Ohio State job?

Has the Ohio recruiting landscape changed?

Kerry Coombs to Cinci… or not?

Schiano & Warinner also up for Head Coaching jobs

Surprisingly, no one wants Tim Beck

We waste zero time on the Heisman

2017 recruiting class recap

#OhioState adds two big-time linebackers

We place 3 2017 recruits on “flip watch”

Does Herman change the equation with JK Dobbins?

Has 2017’s best corner already made up his mind?

Too many WRs?

How many recruits can #OhioState sign?

Is #OhioState wanting to add a 3rd DT?

BBall #Buckeyes defeat some famous laundry



#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState

Dec 5, 2016

99-Just In Baby


#OhioState is in

Buckeyes break the #CFPlayoff mold

Think #OhioState doesn’t belong… I have no time for you

It is not the playoff committee’s job to give you a sense of control

New rules for making the playoff

If PSU had beat Pitt, they’d be in

How falling to #3 is actually an advantage

Another upset free championship weekend

#OhioState was always in, y’all worry too much

Empathy for (some) Penn State fans

The #B1G, worst to first in 3 years

Big news for the Meyer family

Maryland, bowl-eligible, apparently

#B1G goes bowling


#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState


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